Sunday, October 13, 2013

The real thing

A couple of my local grocery stores have started selling Coca-Cola sweetened with sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). They put it on the “Mexican Foods” aisle and bill it as “a little taste of home”. I finally tried a bottle this past week. Oh, my. It’s very different and very good. Sweeteners aren’t just sweet: they actually have flavors of their own and I like the way sugar tastes much better than the way HFCS tastes. As for artificial sweeteners, in my opinion those are best not even mentioned.

Unfortunately, that little taste of Mexico is pretty pricey compared to my usual American Coke. The Mexican Coke was on sale for a dollar per single-serving bottle. I can buy a single-serving can for about 17 cents if I find it on sale and I can always find it on sale. I do wish we could straighten out our weird sugar laws and get back to sweetening stuff made in this country with sugar again. The jury is still out on whether sugar is better for my weight than HFCS but there’s no question it’s better for my taste buds.


DL Sly said...

I've always said that I'm the ongoing experiment for Nutrasweet. I've been drinking Diet Pepsi for so long now that regular soda is like drinking syrup. Course that could easily be because of the switch to HFCS. I used to live on regular Mr. Pibb when I was young....errrrr.

Elise said...

Ah, yes, the state called "young....errrrr". A state in which I could go on a diet that consisted solely of Coke and chocolate bars - and actually lose weight. :+)