Monday, October 14, 2013

Note to self

In thinking about a recent comment to one of my posts, I went looking for something I’d written. I did so by searching for the word “profaned” and, to my surprise, I found two old posts that contained that word. Who knew?

I re-read both of them and decided to drag them into the present, for my sake rather than for anyone else’s. When I spend too long in the Doomsday Predictor that is the political part of the Internet and find myself believing that all is lost, most people are idiots, and “they” are a waste of fresh air and sunshine, I need to remind myself of what I wrote, of what I believed and, truly, still believe.

So here they are, not in the order they were written but in the order in which they make sense to me today:

Raindrops on roses

The best things

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