Sunday, November 8, 2009

Welcome to the real world

I’m not happy about the possible inclusion of “religious and spiritual healthcare” in a Senate health reform bill. I’m not entirely happy about the limitations on abortion in the public option and any plans sold on the Exchange and subsidized by the government. I’m really, really not happy about the exclusion of birth control from the required elements of a Basic health insurance plan.

But you know what? I get to be unhappy because I didn’t want government-run health care in the first place. These people - Reclusive Leftist, Blue Lyon, Movin’ Meat - they don’t get to be unhappy. They want government-run health care. And when you get government-run health care you get the health care the government wants you to have. If the Federal government wants you to have people pray over you to make you better, you pay to pray. If the Federal government doesn’t want you to have an abortion, you don’t get an abortion. And if the Federal government doesn’t want you to get birth control, you get pregnant.

Reality-based, my foot.

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