Thursday, November 12, 2009

Party of one

This is just a fragment, some left-over thoughts after an earlier post.

For me, the Democrats are too fiscally liberal while still remaining both too corporatist and too statist. They are also too socially liberal by which I mean not that I necessarily oppose their social policies (some I do, some I don’t) but that I think those policies should come about at the State level not the Federal and through voters not courts.

On the other hand, the Republicans claim to be fiscally conservative but don’t show any particular aversion to deficits, pork, and corporate welfare as long as they are in power. Once the Democrats are in power, of course, Republicans suddenly see the light. Republicans are also too socially conservative by which I mean they are every bit as interested as the Democrats in imposing their will on States via national legislation instead of letting the political process play out closer to home.

Neither party seems very interested in doing anything to get my vote. Maybe that means my views are pretty weird. But maybe it means I’m part of a vast untapped reservoir of votes just waiting for a party smart enough to appeal to us.


Figment and Reality said...

I totally agree with your view that neither side is working to get my vote either. I have real problems with tactics and actions in both parties. While I think it is highly unlikely, a third moderate party that really tries to be reasonable has a chance at helping the nation work through these highly partisan times.

Maybe rational is a better description than weird. We don't seem to be in a totally rational world anymore. Weird might be the new word for rational to some out there. If that is the case, then accept your self imposed new title "weird" proudly. It does make you a tad unique in the silent majority kind of unique way.

Elise said...

Maybe I'll get a bumper sticker:

I'm rational. How weird is that?