Sunday, August 30, 2009


Since I’m not going to be around I thought this was a good opportunity to do that blogroll I’ve been thinking about. So here’s who I read. This is in no particular order just the way they come up in my bookmarks - which my Web browser makes very difficult to intelligently sort.

Villainous Company: I read Cassandra first. Her blog is what I’ll miss most while I’m not Internetting.

TigerHawk: A hodge-podge with an emphasis on business and politics, some national security, and the occasional NSFW. Almost always a light touch.

Neoneocon: A mental health professional talks politics. I don’t agree with her take on Obama having a grand design but she’s knowledgable and an excellent writer and her occasional excursions into Jell-O, ballet, and popular culture are always refreshing.

Megan McArdle: Libertarian but not doctrinaire. After Villainous Company she’s the blogger I most recommend.

Greg Mankiw: Economics done Right. Interesting, brief, often humorous, and occasionally charmingly vicious. I also like the fact that his blog design is streamlined and therefore it loads quickly. I like words; pictures, videos, cutsie not so much.

Grim’s Hall: Philosophy, war, politics, gallantry - something for everyone. Grim is a milblogger but this is not a milblog.

Camille Paglia: She only writes once a month which is a shame but she’s well worth waiting for.

Anglachel’s Journal: If you want to know how an intelligent liberal (I do not believe she would say “progressive”*) with an integrated view of the world and a deep respect for those who bitterly cling to their guns and religion thinks, this is a must-read. If someone like her was running the Democratic Party the Republicans might actually be dead in the water.

Reclusive Leftist: Very liberal; very, very system feminist; not an Obama supporter, has no use for the political stance of Institutional Feminism. Unlike Anglachel she has clear contempt for “the little people” who are stupid enough to fall for Republican propaganda - which means I’m not very happy with her. However if you want a clear feminist perspective without having to wade through an ocean of Obama adulation or Palin hatred she’s a good resource. She is also a powerful and interesting writer. And although her Website design violates all my earlier comments on the value of streamlining it always makes me smile.

Everyday Glory: This is a new read for me via Megan McArdle citing her post on “Obephobia”. No final judgment yet - she has up very few posts - but I’m eagerly awaiting her further posts on obesity and am riveted by what she’s revealed so far of her experience with Lyme Disease. I suspect that means she's simply a very good writer.

These are not all the blogs I read but they are the ones whose views I most look forward to reading. Enjoy.


* I have to agree with the blogger I read not too long ago but failed to bookmark: I won’t use the term “progressive” because it implies those who do not agree with the Left’s ideas are somehow regressive in the worst possible sense of the world. For the Left to allot the label “progressive” to themselves is a remarkable act of both hubris and contempt - and a brilliant marketing ploy. Not bad for a group that sneers at conservatives’ cheap shots and soundbite arguments.

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