Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am *so* going to burn ...

... in Feminist Hell for thinking this is hysterically funny - but it will be worth it.

Through some logical set of steps that I can no longer retrace I found myself reading Dennis the Peasant in the middle of the night last night. As is my wont, I looked back to his September 2008 archives to see what he was saying about Sarah Palin - I find this an interesting way to separate the sheep from the goats, so to speak - and I stumbled upon this post. It’s one in the morning and I'm laughing hysterically and pounding the desk with my fist. Good thing we don’t have downstairs neighbors.

I started laughing with the very first blow of the fisk:

Sentence #1:

What I keep not understanding is how right wingers don’t get this, besides the obvious willful ignorance problem.

18 words. Stating that you "keep not understanding" something seems to suggest that effort is required to prevent understanding of said something. For whatever reason, I'm finding that hard to believe when Amanda's involved. All too often, her not understanding things seems pretty effortless. And for the record, just who has the "willful ignorance problem"?

By the time I got to the dead Republicans I was falling off my (not so imaginary) chair.

Even better I searched DtP’s site and he has more Amanda Marcotte posts. I can’t decide if I should read them all in one orgy of hystericalness, ration myself to one a day, or save them for times when it’s all just too much for me.

Without further ado, the link. Okay, a little further ado. There is some language in here and, as the movie ratings say, simulated sexual activity:

This Week’s Amanda Sentence

I just wish I could remember how I found DtP so I could express my undying gratitude to the director.


Grim said...

I don't think you really can read them all at once. There are a lot of them. :)

Neither do I much fear Feminist Hell. My own particular wife, perhaps. (And yet not so; just last night she was promising me a T-shirt labeled "Mr. Wonderful; signed, 'The Wife').

Anonymous said...

Oh . . . . wow. Fever swamps. My favorite was the part about subjecting women to servitude via the magic power of penetration. I think that calls for further investigation.

- Texan99

Elise said...

Of course you don't fear Feminist Hell, Grim - you're not a feminist. There's no more reason for you to fear FH than there would be for a Catholic to fear Hindu Hell.

One cautionary note: Just because your wife thinks you're wonderful doesn't necessarily means a little fear isn't in order.

Elise said...

OMG, texan99, that cracked me up. Enjoy your investigation.