Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's an ill wind that blows nobody good

I haven’t said anything here about the Whole Foods boycott because it seems so dumb to me. Here’s a company that as far as I can tell is a great place to work and people on the Left are going to stop shopping there because the CEO wrote an op-ed they don’t like. A successful boycott would seem to condemn the employees to unemployment - or at best a job at a grocery chain that almost certainly won’t be as decent to them.

Furthermore, all the Whole Foods’ social conscience stuff - fair trade, organic, local - that Leftists thought was so great hasn’t suddenly disappeared just because the CEO is - OMG - a libertarian. News flash: it took me less than 60 seconds to find a 2005 article in which Mackey is described as “an ardent libertarian”* so it’s not like you wouldn’t already have known about this if you really cared. Before it was, like, you know, fashionable to care.

So now the Left is going to shop at, what, Wal-Mart because even though - according to the liberal party line - they treat their employees like dirt and import poisonous junk from China, their CEO hasn’t written an editorial opposing Obamacare. Oh, yeah, that makes sense.

As dumb as this boycott is, it has had some redeeming social value: Anglachel has come out of retirement - I hope permanently - to blog about it. I disagree with her about almost everything political but she has an incredible ability to cut to the heart of the matter. For the ritual evisceration, read “Whole Foods Nation Betrayed”. For the serious political stuff, read “What do you want?”

Thank goodness for Whole Foods boycotters.


*And read the article if you’re one of the people who decided as a result of his op-ed that Mackey is a soulless capitalist.


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