Monday, March 22, 2010

Hair of the dog

The House passed the Senate’s Christmas Eve health care reform bill. Here are three afterwords I recommend: FDL because it’s a interesting (although lopsided) summary; McArdle because I share her fear (and - in my case and I think hers - anger) about process; and Douthat because he’s writing about possible outcomes. As terrifying as this bill and the process used to pass it are, it’s not everyone who gets to be alive and paying attention at the beginning of an undertaking that’s going dominate the political (and probably economic and possibly social) landscape for years to come. It will be fascinating to watch this unfold.

On what the bill does and doesn’t do: FireDogLake - Fact Sheet: The Truth About the Health Care Bill

On the politics: Megan McArdle - The Future After Health Care

On outcomes: Ross Douthat - Show Time for Health Care


On process, I strongly recommend a couple of posts from Deafening Silence, one written before and one written after passage of the bill:

You Just Lost Me, Mr. President. For Good. - Written before

Morning in the Brave New World - Written after

I also recommend Megan McArdle’s chat from yesterday.

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WLindsayWheeler said...

Welcome to the Weimar Republic! The saying is "Japan today; Zimbabwe Tomorrow!!".

This is nothing but the Kyklos that Socrates and Plato discussed in The Republic. All democracies, and all modern republics are democracies, turn into tyranny! That is the consequences for breaking the Natural Law.

America from its inception is nihilist and the coming meltdown is only the natural consequences of that nihilism.