Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My heart bleeds purple peanut butter

{May 13, 2009: I changed the title. The old one - "It's not Miss California who need a heart transplant" - was way too boring.}

The dust-up over Carrie Prejean’s views on same-sex marriage seems to be dying down but one comment that was made continues to irritate me. Gloria Feldt, of whom I have never heard but who claims to be a feminist, said (emphasis mine):

I think what perhaps Ms. Prejean needs is a heart transplant, rather than the breast implants she had paid for by the Pageant.

This is a recurring motif when the Left talks about the Right: conservatives are just so mean. Positions based on religion or tradition, on the rule of law, on equality before the law are invalid; all that matters is being “nice”.

Oppose same-sex marriage? It can’t be because of your religion or your traditions or your concerns about making unprecedented changes to an ancient institution; you’re just so mean. Oppose blanket amnesty for illegal aliens? It can’t be because you think laws should be obeyed or you believe a nation should decide who it wants to welcome to its shores or because you’re worried about American jobs and American pay scales; you’re just so mean. Prefer a Supreme Court Justice who will put more emphasis on what the Constitution says and what the lawmakers meant than on which party to a dispute can appear more pitiful? It can’t be because you think the law must be the same for all; you’re just so mean.

I swear, when they get going with this stuff, liberals sound like 14-year-old girls whose mothers just told them, no, you cannot get a cool dragon tattoo at Mongol’s Biker Bar and Body Art Emporium: “OMG, Mom. You’re just so mean.”

You want mean? I’ll give you mean. President Obama, the Democratic Congress, and Education Secretary Arne Duncan killing off the Washington, DC, school voucher program. That’s mean.* I can only hope that Megan McArdle’s view of the afterlife is correct:

... I think that there is probably a special place in hell reserved for politicians who betray our nation's most helpless children for the benefit of a sullen and recalcitrant teacher's union. There they spend all eternity explaining to their victims why they couldn't possibly have risked their precious babies' future in the public school system, yet felt perfectly free to fling other peoples' children into it by the thousands.


*Obama’s actions in this regard are also cowardly. He requested continuing funding for students already in the program but not for any new students - not even those who had previously been approved for the upcoming school year. Obama thus grandfathers in the children going to school with his daughters. If I thought he had a conscience, I’d figure he did it so the names and faces of the children he threw back into the DC school system wouldn’t haunt him. Since I’ve seen no indication that he possesses that inconvenient faculty, I imagine he did it so he, his wife, and his girls wouldn’t have to face the disapproval of those who had grown attached to the Sidwell voucher children, would notice if they left, and would know just who to blame.

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