Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Once in a lifetime

Neo-neocon wrote about the recent Mitt and Ann Romney interview with Chris Wallace:

it makes me sad to think what might have been and is not [snip]

the whole interview, it reminds me once again of Romney’s qualities of essential goodness and modesty, as well as his lack of attack-dog capability.

I didn’t watch the interview and haven’t read the transcript but I remember my first reaction to Romney’s loss was sadness at an opportunity missed. Mitt Romney is a very intelligent man; an exceptionally competent executive; and a remarkably decent human being. To find all three characteristics in a President is almost unheard of: usually we hope for two out of three and consider ourselves lucky to get one.

I don’t imagine we’re likely to have an opportunity to vote for someone so intelligent, competent, and decent again in my lifetime.


E Hines said...

I'm not sure how good a president Romney actually would have been. I heavily preferred him over Obama, but it may be that Romney would have been simply less bad.

Politics is war by other means, and the just concluded election demonstrated the value of a fourth characteristic in a politician--a killer instinct.

Especially when only one of the two contestants possesses one.

You missed a helluvan interview, by the way. I've not seen a more decent man.

Some of your commenters likely will disagree with me.

Eric Hines

Elise said...

Well, obviously I think Romney would have been a very good President. I think he's a decent, reasonably conservative technocrat - and a technocrat is what we need right now to start digging out from under.

The question of Romney's killer instinct is interesting. I can't believe someone can be a governor; run Bain Capital; turn around the Olympics and not have some killer in him. But I have to agree we didn't see that in the campaign. Maybe he considered it an inappropriate venue; maybe he considered it wrong to deploy that instinct against a US President; maybe his polls or his advisers or his instincts told him it would do more harm than good.

I am sorry I missed the interview but I imagine I can find it - or at least bits and pieces of it - at Fox or on YouTube.

E Hines said...

Lots of successful businessmen can be so without a killer instinct--that depends on the industry. As to his performance as governor, I know nothing about that; I wasn't watching him then.

But if the killer instinct comes and goes, then it's too unreliable. If he turned it off because his polls were telling him he didn't need it, that's another thing.

Here's a YouTube of the Mitt/Ann interview.

Eric Hines

Elise said...

Thanks for the YouTube link - I'll have to take a look.