Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Williamson on fracking

Well worth reading especially if, like me, you have only the vaguest idea what fracking is. A nice argument for letting the States do their job, too. The last paragraph is great:

The Truth about Fracking - Kevin D. Williamson in National Review

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E Hines said...

“We have all this wealth in the ground,” says one of the bespectacled brethren, “and we can get it out. We can do it efficiently and cleanly” — and we have giant frackin’ robots! — “but some people don’t want us to. They just don’t like it.”

The engineer doesn't get it. The "they" to whom he refers don't want the gas coming out of the ground because they don't want hydrocarbons being burned, for a whole host of erroneous, and self-serving reasons: the resulting CO2 is an earth-endangering pollutant, and the competition slows total conversion to their cronies' "green" energy sources, to name one of each.

Solar and wind have appropriate places, but only for spot uses--they can't run an economy; Germany has already shown that. Nuclear could run our economy, but not until we get the regulators out of the way.

Which is part of what Williamson said at the end.

Eric Hines