Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rude awakening

'Occupy' memo could discourage victims from reporting assaults
(Via Contentions) (emphasis mine):

Efforts by the Occupy Baltimore protest group to evolve into a self-contained, self-governing community have erupted into controversy with the distribution of a pamphlet that victim advocates and health workers fear discourages victims of sexual assaults from contacting police.

The pamphlet says that members of the protest group who believe they are victims or who suspect sexual abuse "are encouraged to immediately report the incident to the Security Committee," which will investigate and "supply the abuser with counseling resources."

Sounds like Little Miss Attila was right when she wrote:

... someone’s going to come along and ... say that this is not American Sharia law: after all, we only enforce our notions of sexual purity when it comes to Republican women, or women and girls related to Republican women. [snip]

This is American Sharia, assholes. The practitioners of Sharia in Muslim countries are at least consistent in their contempt for women and in their practice of gender apartheid: you, on the other hand, want sexual slavery for some women in this country; others, whose opinions you prefer, can live in relative peace and freedom. You will allow it.

If you are giving women and girls the “gift” of not being badgered for being female, and threatened with misogyny and sexual assault, they are not truly free—only living in a state of grace, contingent upon performing the right tricks, spouting leftist verbiage like seals at Sea World, balancing balls on their noses in the hopes of getting fish thrown into their mouths.

And any woman who doesn’t understand this fundamental truth about the misogynists living among them could be in for a rude awakening at any point, because that attitude will infect those who harbor it.


Grim said...

Really, this depends on the "counseling resources" that will be "provided." Allow me to quote Field Manual 22-1021, "Wall to Wall Counseling," on the subject of rape.

Immediate wall-to-wall counseling is required, and it must be so
severe that bones are broken. Dimension lumber must be used during this session, and the minimum
length of the session is three hours...

So, really, this could be OK as long as they make the proper counselling resources available.

Elise said...

Thanks, Grim. :+)

That went a long way toward beating back the frustration this kind of thing causes me.