Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's like dealing with a 3-year-old

For some reason, BlogSpot is being very cranky. First, the little search box in the upper left hand corner doesn’t always work. Ask it to search for Obama, for example, and it insists it can’t find a single post in my entire blog with that word in it. I’ve read something that suggests it may just hate really long posts; if so it’s never going to find anything ever again on this blog. So if you want to search for something, try a search engine that lets you specify a domain name. (I also think I’m going to have to clean up my categories because they’re not very helpful even for me any more. I’ll get to that someday.)

Second, it faithfully emails me every time I enter a comment but when other people enter comments it sometimes emails me and sometimes doesn’t. Despite rumors of BlogSpot’s political ideology, I have not seen any pattern to this so I’m assuming it’s just general crankiness. I've checked all the posts on my blog for comments and I think I've seen them all.

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