Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Only men and childless women

This has nothing to do with anything currently going on (at least not directly) but I was poking around doing some reading for my next post on feminism and ended up reading a March 13, 2009, article at Viva La Feminista called “What Should Sarah Palin Do?” I have to say something about this article or my head is going to explode.

The author, Veronica, is distressed about how Sarah Palin is handling the media attention given to the break-up of her daughter, Bristol, and Bristol’s fiance, Levi Johnston. After a few jabs at Sarah Palin, Veronica asks:

Is there a way for a mother to hold a public job like Palin does AND respect your daughter's privacy in a tough time?

Based on the rest of her post, I can only assume her answer to her own question would be:

No. And that’s why only men and childless women should hold public jobs.

And these are the voices that claim to represent authentic feminism. May the goddess preserve all women.

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