Thursday, February 26, 2009

Taxes take a holiday

At some point while I was away I watched a discussion on either Fox News or CNN about the stimulus bill. One of the experts being interviewed opined that there were much more stimulative measures than those contained in the bill. When asked for an example, he stated that for a trillion dollars we could simply not have anyone pay income taxes for a year. I thought that was a wonderful idea.

It will not happen, of course, for two reasons. First, as my husband pointed out, that would mean individuals would get to decide what to do with their money rather than having the government decide. An unwelcome idea in Washington and absolute anathema to this Administration. Second, the government would have a revolt on its hands when the year was up. I can just imagine how horrified and resentful people would be if they had been able to keep most of their own money for an entire year and were then faced with having to hand a significant chunk of it over to the Federal government once again.

It’s nice to dream, though.

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