Sunday, October 5, 2008

Two Americas (Bill Maher version)

[October 24, 20008: Updated title to remove apostrophe from “Americas”. I can’t believe I made the Useless Apostrophe Mistake. I’m totally humiliated.]

Bill Maher appeared on The Daily Show and provided an excellent thumbnail sketch of the progressive view of the Presidential election:

I do think that America’s a country now, it is two Americas. There’s the progressive European nation that a lot of us live in or would like to live in and it’s being strangled by the Sarah Palins of the world. It can’t quite be born because this other stupid redneck nation won’t allow it.

There you have it. For progressives, this election is a choice between, oh, say, ”Cousin, Cousine” and ”Deliverance”.

Does that mean I’m regressive if the contrast between a European nation and Sarah Palin instead makes me think along the lines of ”Last Tango in Paris” versus ”Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”?

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