Friday, August 29, 2008

Huffpo on Palin - First look

I don’t right now know enough about Sarah Palin to comment on her substantively so I’ve contented myself with reading what others have to say. After looking through some right-leaning blogs, I headed over to the Huffington Post to see what they were saying.

Linda Bergthold has up an article entitled “The VP Choice that Lost the Presidency for McCain”. Looked at the right way, it’s pretty funny. Bergthold begins by expressing dismay due to the list of things Palin is not (my comment in italics):

She is NOT pro-choice. No, she’s a Republican. Remember?

She has NO national experience. True. As opposed to Obama’s 1-4 years depending on when you figure he stopped doing Senator stuff and started running for President.

She has never been under the intense scrutiny of a national campaign. Neither had Obama until last Fall. Is Bergthold suggesting Palin is a slower study than Obama?

She is under investigation for some incident in Alaska that is messy and personal. Yes and that’s been known for quite some time. Sort of like Rezko. Except that Palin's activities are actually being investigated and Palin is turning over everything the investigators want.

She has no international experience. Unlike Obama who has, what, junkets?

Her experience governing is in a very small state, Unlike which very large state Obama governed?
famous for its "Bridge to Nowhere" Which she was responsible for killing.
kind of political graft. Unlike Chicago which has long been known as a bastion of political virtue.

Her Republican colleague in that state, Senator Ted Stevens has been indicted for corruption. I know Palin is a new name for the Democrats, but Bergthold really needs to read at least Palin’s Wikipedia bio. It's pretty clear Palin made her name fighting that corruption.

I must admit my sense of humor failed me as she got into her main thesis. Her overall point is that McCain’s pick is cynical and insulting to women because it implies that “any woman” will do. Bergthold explains how this is insulting to women on both sides of the aisle.

It's a slap in the face of other Republican women like Kay Bailey Hutchison, bless her heart, who was forced to stumble through an interview on TV trying to make the case for Palin whom she has never met. There are certainly women in the Republican party who were "in line" for this before Palin.

In line before Palin? Oh, you mean like Clinton was in line before Obama?

As for Democrats:

It's also a slap in the face of Democratic women voters. They don't get Hillary but they get Sarah as the first potential woman President?

So the Democratic women who were enraged at the sexism of the Democratic primaries are going to turn their anger on the party that did pick a woman? I’m not quite sure how that transformation is going to work.

It just boggles my mind that after viciously attacking Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primaries, the Huffington Post is suddenly concerned about Republican women who have worked hard for their party, played by the rules, done everything they were supposed to, and are now being shoved aside for some cute newcomer. And it boggles my mind even more that the Huffington Post is suddenly concered about any Democratic woman who supported Hillary.

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