Thursday, June 19, 2008

Comment Policy

I am NOT responsible for the content in comments and the comments do not necessarily reflect my views.

Comments will not be moderated before being posted. I will moderate all comments after they’re posted and reserve the right to delete them as I see fit.

When you post your comments, you are giving me the right to use and modify them as I see fit.
That’s all the legal stuff I can think of. When posting comments, play nice. In general this means civil discourse. The specific guidelines that come to mind right now are:

Don’t insult me. Don’t insult other commenters.

You can post anonymously but I’d prefer you didn’t. Using a handle rather than your real name is fine but I’d like it if “Vixen08” on one post stays “Vixen08” on all posts.

Watch your language. Mild profanity is fine but if you absolutely cannot write without using the f-word, find a synonym: “freak” or - if you’re a Battlestar Galactica fan - “frak” are fine. Similarly, I have no trouble with “crap” but avoid its less socially acceptable equivalent.

Don’t call people names. By that I mean not just the more vulgar names but also epithets like “racist”, “sexist”, “ageist”. Don’t use ugly nicknames for people.

I will delete comments if I find them objectionable but I will tell you if I do so and why. The “why” may not necessarily relate to one of these guidelines. I’m new to running a blog so I’m sure I’ll come across issues I haven’t covered here.

UPDATE, June 26, 2008
I've realized I didn't credit the sources that helped me form my comment policy:

Easy Rules and a look from The Anchoress

OptiNiche Comment Policy

Developing a Blog Comment Policy by Teli Adlam at OptiNiche

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